40 pounds of misplaced iron = thank you, FoLAR volunteers:)


A REAL HEAD-SCRATCHER: TU’S Bob Blankenship checks out some weirdness from today’s FoLAR clean up. A manhole cover, really? Who does that? (Jim Burns)


Yes, ripe LA River tomatoes after Thanksgiving

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Janna Roznos
Nov 25, 2017 Sewforward
That’s the beauty of the LA river – forgotten by so many but what lives there, flourishes there.

It’s a bird’s life

Local bird watcher and photographer Roger Cook snagged some excellent shots of wildlife along the LA River in Long Beach. In modern life, we are so separated from the cycles of nature. Walk into a Trader Joe’s and you’d think all food — organic spinach, frozen peas, bone-in pork chops — is spawned by little plastic-wrapped containers. These shots tell a truer tale.

See you on the river, Jim Burns