Sunnynook stumps …

Screen Shot 2019-03-29 at 9.05.17 AM

From Trout Unlimited’s Bob Blankenship:

“They’re in the process of increasing the flood capacity of the river near Griffith Park and removed a bunch of boulders and some trees too. Also they hacked out a bunch of arundo but that’ll be back soon enough … .”


Storm videos show the destructive power of the LA River

Thanks for these dramatic video images of the Los Feliz and Sunnynook areas from Trout Unlimited’s Bob Blankenship and stills from Pasadena Cast Club’s Steve Kuchenski. If you ever needed a reminder to stay away from the LA River during storms, this is it!





THE STORM’S aftermath shows debris halfway up the wall where the water crested. Note, this is the same area as in the video above! (Courtesy Steve Kuchenski)


TIME FOR another river clean up, with more storms on their way. (Courtesy Steve Kuchenski)


See you on the river, Jim Burns